RUNNERS is a successful example of the narrative qualities of contemporary circus. ( Tom Mustroph, TAZ)

A fast-paced evening with the "Runners" ... The company Hippana.Maleta thrilled the audience on the treadmill and with breathtaking juggling. ... This evening-long performance with breathtaking and grotesque-comic surprises was great fun for the audience. (Monika Klein Rheinische Post)

... sold-out house ... successful mix of movement, comedy and artistry, (Ulrich GabrielVorarlberger Nachrichten)

2022 Emilio Zapatero Prize - TAC Valladolid

2021 Zirkus ON

Alex Allison (IE) and Jonas Schiffauer (DE) founded the label Hippana.Maleta in 2018 and have since been researching a circus language that expresses aspects of human existence with juggling, object manipulation and body signals. Alex Allison (IE) and Jonas Schiffauer (DE) share their vision of circus, poetry and performance in Hippana.Maleta.





Hippana.Maleta is based in Cologne, Germany




Two jugglers find themselves bound to the rules of running machines while a musician orchestrates them through a series of games and experiments. A vivid circus performance celebrating juggling and running.


Tunnel is about dreams and ambitions. Two companions with a desire to ascend from the tunnel - to celebrate, to live one moment of greatness, to sacrifice and be accepted.

Inside Juggling

Premiere autumn 2024
Do I see myself the way you see me? Discover a fascinating performance that questions your perspectives on image, self-image and reflection. Hippana.Maleta presents "Inside Juggling", an extraordinary live experience with Liza van Brakel under the direction of Jonas Schiffauer.


Artistic directors

Jonas Schiffauer
Alex Allison


Ute Classen
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